Getting Started With The Principles Class 2

Stage 1 Foundation Training From "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" | taught by Jamie Andreas
Jamie Andreas
Jamie Andreas
Instructor & Author of "The Principles System For Guitar Mastery""

About the instructor

Jamie Andreas is the creator of the "Guitar Principles System For Guitar Mastery". This system begins with "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar", and progressively covers all the essential skills that every guitar player needs to master, regardless of style. 

What You Get

    You will receive access to the complete training contained in the "Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" Book & DVD.

    This material will be made available to you in a progressive manner, with new lessons each week. You will study each step of the system, as one step leads to the next.

    You will watch live classes where Jamie guides all types of students, some beginners and others long time players, to completion of the Foundation Training from "The Principles".

    You will receive special supplementary material not found in "The Principles". This material has been developed in the 20 years since publication of "The Principles". It has  been designed to help you learn "The Principles" effectively.

    You will be trained in the science of correct practice. You will learn how to sit down with your guitar and train your  fingers effectively for relaxed and controlled movement on the guitar.

    Whether or not you become a good guitar player, who knows how to keep getting better depends entirely on the training you receive. Without this training your playing will be plagued with problems.

    When your fingers are trained properly in the fundamentals of playing, your life as a player will be a happy and fulfilling one. If you have played for years, finally getting the fundamentals right will un-do your bad habits. You will learn how to move your playing forward and become as good on guitar as you are willing to work for.


A live online class with Jamie Andreas, creator of the "Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar".

 Jamie will explain the basics of the Principles System, and guide each student in achieving the Foundation Training of good guitar playing.


This course is for anyone with a true commitment to excellence on the guitar. If you want to become a real guitar player and musician, one who can play music at the pro level, whether or not you have any interest in playing professionally, this course is for you.

If you are willing to do the real work it takes to be a good or even great guitar player, this course will be a revelation and a joy!

Course Contents

This course will focus on 3 main areas essential to good guitar playing, and for insuring continuous  progress on guitar.  

1) PRACTICE APPROACH.....Jamie will show you exactly how you need to practice each time you sit down with your guitar, so that your fingers learn the necessary skills for easy, relaxed playing. 

2) LEFT HAND DEVELOPMENT....Jamie will guide you in the all-important first stages of proper left hand development. The complete series of left hand training exercises will be covered. 

-Beginners will get a tremendous advantage in the early stages of playing that will guarantee that no obstacles will cause playing problems as they continue to learn guitar. 

-Players who have been playing guitar for any length of time, months to years, will learn how to undo the bad left hand habits they have acquired, and begin to see their playing obstacles disappear. 

3) RIGHT HAND DEVELOPMENT....Jamie will explain the fundamental mechanics of pick use on the guitar, as well as fingerstyle playing. 

Each student will be shown the necessary exercises to practice, and how to practice them so that a free and powerful right hand is achieved.  

Course Contents

42 Videos
12 Texts
6 PDFs

Course Curriculum

The Art Of Practicing - Using The Basic Practice Approach