Guitar Principles Online School

....your path to success on guitar

Jamie Andreas

The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar

Learn Correct Practice....Remove Tension & Bad Habits....Play Like A Pro!

Jamie Andreas

First Chords & Songs

A step by step method for learning & practicing the most important chords for beginner guitar players.

Jamie Andreas

Bar Chord Mastery On Guitar

Stop struggling with Bar Chords! Here is everything you DON'T know about developing your hand for Bar Chords!


The Guitar Principles Beginners Package

Get "The Principles" Book & DVD...PLUS "First Chords & Songs"

Jamie Andreas

How To Master A Scale On Guitar

Struggling to play scales on guitar? This course will show you how to practice a scale so that your fingers play it perfectly!

Jamie Andreas

Getting Started With The Principles - Stage 1: Foundation Training

A live weekly class with Jamie Andreas to help you achieve all the goals of the Principles Foundation training.